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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fun with Fractions!


The students stand on "ZERO" lightly roll a
balled up piece of paper onto a fraction.
Then they hop on the squares and SAY the name of each fraction.
When they land on a double they have to name the equivalent fractions
"One fourth is equal to two eighths"
some of my students even say:
"One fourth is equivalent to two-eighths"
Which makes me OH SO HAPPY
The tricky one is 1/2 because there are 3 squares.
Our solution: first straddle it and say it then jump do a half
turn in the air (that's how we roll in my room) land with both
feet on one half and then name all three fractions that are equivalent
if you're really fancy you finish the hopscotch the second half of the way facing backwards.
you can start it facing backwards and turn forwards at the 1/2 point.
Either way. . .you have to turn. . .it's what the cool kids are doing ;)
Enjoy :)
*you can also just draw this out with chalk outside*
By doing this students are practicing:  Ordering fractions, equivalent fractions, reading a ruler, understanding hash mark lengths on a ruler, preparing to use resource page on state test, how to make math applicable in real FUN situations ;) 

Click on pictures to download.

Students explore relationships like "1/3 of 12" in this concrete learning based workstation activity.

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