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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sight Words

Monster Munch-O Sight Words Bingo Game: 6 Different Sight Word Bingo Boards perfect for a small group learning center! Everything that you need is included.Click picture to download.

Need more sight word resources?
Digging Up Sight Words Board Game
Children learn over 260 sight words as they read aloud and make decisions. Each player draws a sentence card and chooses a sight word to complete the sentence. With a correct answer, the player collects the number of bones indicated on the card and moves ahead. The player who ends up with the most bones wins! For 2-4 players.
BUY NOW: http://www.learning-experts.com/digging_up_sight_words_board_game-p-1557002.html#.UPgLIegqgQU

Phonics Audio CD & Book
Rock 'N Learn Phonics Audio CDs & Book offers an easy and fun way to learn the phonics skills that lead to reading and spelling success. Catchy songs and rhymes help students remember basic vowels, consonants, blends, digraphs, silent e, and much more. It fits well in situations where an audio program is desired over video, such as "on the go." The audio content from the two CDs may be placed on portable devices to give students that extra edge for mastering phonics skills. Approx. 92 minutes.
BUY NOW: http://www.learning-experts.com/phonics_audio_cd_book-p-49262.html#.UPgL0egqgQU

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