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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winter Snack Ideas!!


Instead of gingerbread houses: Turn ice cream cones into Christmas trees & decorate. Edible Christmas Craft!

Reindeer Noses (Whoppers & Bubblegum) would make adorable Christmas party favors, inexpensive too!

Winter break gift for students.

 How about Elf pillows? 

 "Snowman Poop" (mini marshmallows) with a poem that reads:  "You've been naughty this year so here's the scoop, all you get for Christmas is this snowman poop!

The poem reads:  Elf Kisses
With little elf eyes watching you,
There's not a lot that Santa misses.
So to help you be good today,
Here's a bunch of sweet elf kisses.

"Reindeer Noses" with a poem that reads:  "I wanted the perfect gift for you, but couldn't decide just what to do!  I almost sent you a dozen roses-instead here's a bag of reindeer noses!"

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