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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Snowman Shake 

 GREAT use for those creamer bottles!!!
Here's a fun little game students can play to practice sight words (or alphabet letters for those kiddos that still need that).  To play Snowman Shake, you need a snowman container, 2blank foam dice, and the recording sheet.

The snowman is easy to make-just peel the label off a creamer bottle and draw the snowman's face on with a sharpie.
Make foam dice for sight words, numbers or letters!!
Use sight foam sight word/alphabet or numbers. You could even do math facts. Many possibilities!!!
To play, students take off the snowman's hat (the lid) shake the 2 dice inside of the snowman and roll them into the little basket. Then they record the sight words they rolled on the recording sheet. Click on the picture below to grab a copy of this sight word freebie

If you would prefer a copy of the recording sheet with alphabet letters click here. Or, for a blank copy of the recording sheet that you can write your own words on, click here.

Foam Blank Dice
20 yellow blank dice have square edges that stop dice from rolling too far. 3/4" cubes.

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