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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Storybook/Novel Souvenirs

Love this idea! This can be used for all grade levels, even the little kiddos can do this one. The plastic containers could baby wipe containers, oatmeal containers or whatever will work for you. Your kiddos decorate them to make them unique. Here's a letter that can help explain it:

Dear Families,

Your child is bringing home a white plastic container to decorate.  Help them be creative!  Let your child have fun.  Please make their name part of the decoration, too.

This container will act as a treasure chest (which they will keep in class) for souvenirs based on the storybooks/novels we will read this year in class together. 

What are Souvenirs?
Souvenirs help stories come alive and increase the excitement of sharing literature with others. Souvenirs are concrete memories or reminders of stories we have read in class. The item might be a button, a bell, a feather, or some other kind of trinket that would relate to the story.  Children can use them to re-tell and talk about stories they have heard.  The ability to re-tell a story is an important reading skill and helps children develop stronger comprehension and memory skills. 
Students will present their souvenir to the class and discuss the reason they chose this particular item to help them remember the story.  The important thing to remember about souvenir items is that they should be small enough to fit in their treasure chest and inexpensive. 

Your child must choose a souvenir that will help them remember their favorite part (or character) of the story, (for example: Book: Harry Potter Souvenir: wizard hat eraser). 

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